CHDS Faculty Offer Course on Economic Evaluation

Image of Sue Goldie, Stephen Resch, Lisa Robinson in Meeting.

Stephen Resch, Instructor at HSPH and Deputy Director of CHDS, and Lisa Robinson, Senior Research Scientist at HSPH, are offering RDS 282 – Economic Evaluation of Health Policy & Program Management in the spring term in 2017. The course features case studies in the application of health decision science to policymaking and program management at various levels of the health system. Both developed and developing country contexts will be covered. Topics include: theoretical foundations of cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA), controversies and limitations of CEA in practice, design and implementation of tools and protocols for measurement and valuation of cost and benefit of health programs, integration of evidence of economic value into strategic planning and resource allocation decisions, performance monitoring and program evaluation, and the role of evidence of economic value in the context of other stakeholder criteria and political motivations.

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