CHDS’s HPV Research in the News

Image/Headshot of Emily Burger.

A Lancet Public Health article by CHDS researchers has resulted in numerous news outlets featuring the research. Emily Burger and Jane Kim have given interviews to Newsweek, Popular Science, Gizmodo, Boston’s WBUR and Harvard Chan School of Public Health issued a news release.

CHDS researchers and collaborators from Cancer Council New South Wales in Australia used two microsimulation models that are part of an NCI-funded cancer consortium (CISNET) to compare nine different scenarios of vaccination against HPV (the virus responsible for most cervical cancer) and cervical screening. Current levels of vaccination and screening result in elimination as defined by four or fewer cases per 100,000 women-years by 2038 in one model and 2046 in the other. Researchers found that by increasing the rate of cervical cancer screening to 90% coverage, elimination could be reached 10-13 years sooner.

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