Jinyi Zhu Successfully Defends Dissertation

Headshot of Jinyi Zhu

Jinyi Zhu, 6th year doctoral student in Decision Science/Health Policy, successfully defended her thesis, “Decision Modeling to Inform Resource Prioritization: Methods and Applications.”  Her dissertation committee was chaired by Ankur Pandya and included Nicolas Menzies and Meredith Rosenthal.

In her dissertation, Zhu aimed to apply and strengthen the simulation modeling methods used in health decision science. Specifically, her dissertation was comprised of three chapters in which she investigated the following policy and methodological questions: 1) the potential value of improvement in acute stroke quality measures in the US, 2) the health and economic implications of TB prevention for recent cohorts initiating antiretroviral therapy in Tanzania, and 3) the comparative performance of four model validation techniques in the context of disease simulation modeling.

Zhu will be joining Vanderbilt University School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor.

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